When CBS announced the cancellation of “MacGyver”, the season finale had already been shot, with what was intended to be a season finale — with cast and producers fully expecting the show would be picked up for a sixth season — instead becoming a series finale.

Fans had already been taking to social media to share their outrage over the show’s cancellation, but a revelation about her plans for the now-aborted sixth season have angered fans even further.

As Macer told TVLine, the storyline would have broken up Mac (Lucas Till) and Desi (Levy Tran) so he would finally be able to get together with Riley (Tristan Mays) — the pairing that fans have been desiring for ages. 

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“Mac and Riley, they’re the hero couple. That was always the endgame for us, we just didn’t know the end was coming at the end of this season!” she explained. “We were laying the track for that…”

In fact, Macer revealed that the long awaited Mac-Riley pairing would have taken place early in the next season, adding that “we were so focused on really giving the fans what they wanted and deserved, which was the Mac and Riley ending. And in the future, there were some great episodes.”

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With the show prematurely cancelled, fans took to Twitter to share their anger that “MacGyver” wasn’t given the opportunity to go out with the kind of ending fans felt they were owed, channeling their anger into the ongoing campaign to save the show.

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