A new fundraising effort to raise money for COVID-19 relief is paying tribute to a British icon who sadly became a victim of the virus.

The #CaptainTom100 challenge was launched in honour of the late Captain Sir Tom Moore, who passed away in February at the age of 100.

The challenge, launched by Moore’s family,  comes one year after Moore became a media sensation when video of him walking 100 laps around his backyard went viral, resulting in raising more than $45 million for Britain’s National Health Service.

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The challenge invites everyone to follow Moore’s lead by performing a task 100 times, with celebrities including David Beckham, Dame Judi Dench and more documenting their efforts on video.

Beckham is seen bouncing a soccer ball from foot to foot 100 times, while Dench chose a decidedly different strategy.

“Last year, Captain Tom inspired us all by doing 100 lengths of his lawn and raising a huge amount of money,” she said before embarking on her #CaptainTom100 challenge: eating 100 Malteaser candies.

Other celebrity participants included Mary Berry of “The Great British Bake Off”, who baked 100 cakes, and British Olympic champion Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, who bounced 100 times on a pogo stick.

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The #CaptainTom100 challenge extends until Monday, May 3.

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