Justin Theroux is opening up about how he really feels about turning 50 and his rescue pup.

While chatting on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, DeGeneres pulled up his recent Esquire cover that toted his age.

“It was nice of them to put that on a cover of a magazine,” Theroux joked.

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But all the focus was on his rescue dog Kuma, who he found after Hurricane Harvey.

“She is really a great dog,” Theroux said. Such a great dog that the two of them would have formal Fridays in the middle of the pandemic.

“What else did I have to do? I could spend all day getting us ready,” he added.

Making her own debut, Kuma later joined DeGeneres and Theroux for a round of “Can Justin Theroux Me Off The Truth?”

During the game, he revealed that after getting hit by a car in New York he woke up with amnesia.

“Woke up with people all around me. Clearly I blacked out,” Theroux recalled. “There was a woman over me weeping. Two gentlemen holding my arms so I wouldn’t touch my head. And the woman screaming ‘Who are you? What is your phone number?’ trying to get a hold of someone. But it was like someone asked me ‘what is an umbrella?’ and I forgot. But I forgot the name of myself.”

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“The kinda funny New York hilarious part is the ambulance took an hour and 20 to get there,” he said, recalling how the paramedic stood over him and then turned back to his partner to exclaim, “he’s not dead.”

“They didn’t rush because they didn’t think I was alive anyway,” Theroux added laughing.

Theroux currently stars in “The Mosquito Coast” on Apple TV.