Whether it’s on reality television or Instagram, Kelly Osbourne has been nothing but honest with her fans about her triumphs and shortcomings when dealing with addiction.

Speaking with ET Canada’s Sangita Patel, Osbourne speaks candidly about her recent relapse after nearly four years of sobriety: “I was literally sitting there and I saw these people by a pool, and I was like, ‘oh yeah, I can do that now.’ And I ordered a glass of wine and I was like ‘yeah!’ And I just have that one glass of wine and cut to one week later, she’s disgusting and a hot mess covered in food and drunk and I’m like, ‘no, this is not me. I am not doing this.'”

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Back in April, Osbourne took to her Instagram stories to inform her followers of her relapse, saying in part, “I just want to let you know that I am sober today and I will be sober tomorrow… but I’ve learned it truly is one day at a time, and I just wanted to tell you guys the truth because I never, ever want to lie to you.”

The 36-year-old daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne has always been open about her history of drug and alcohol addiction and says this decision is to hold herself “accountable.”

“The truth is, I never asked to be a role model. I don’t consider myself a role model, but because I am in the public eye and I do have these issues and I am open about it, people do look to me,” she explains. “I never want to be one of those people that lies about where I’m at, what I’m doing, because then, that leads people just to try and catch you on time. Look what she’s doing, what that’s doing it.”

The former “Fashion Police” host, 36, will also bring these tough conversations to her new podcast “The Kelly Osbourne and Jeff Beacher Show”, debuting May 4.

“One of the things is just being unapologetically yourself, that’s a huge message for us,” she says of the new project. “We have to go back and re-record the first episode because oh my relapse, it’s like we’re going to do the first one on relapse prevention.”

Meanwhile, Osbourne says she’s “happy and each day is exciting” and she’s even been seeing someone on the down low.

“It’s very exciting getting to know somebody and being in a healthy relationship, which is something I’m not used to,” she reveals.

Watch our full interview with Osbourne below.