Oprah Winfrey is reflecting on the preparations that she undertook before sitting down for her groundbreaking interview with Elliot Page.

The iconic TV presenter enlisted the help of GLAAD’s Director of Transgender Representation, Nick Adams, ahead of the important discussion.

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“We have made progress and I just want to thank you and thank GLAAD for your support in helping me with this interview,” said Oprah during a Zoom conversation with Adams.

“I was actually more nervous about this interview than anything because I wanted to get it right,” she admitted.

Oprah also praised the documentary “Disclosure”, which Adams was a consulting producer on and was featured in.

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The documentary focuses on Hollywood’s impact on the trans community.

“When people who are well known like Chaz Bono or Elliot Page decide to disclose that they’re transgender, people feel like they already know [them],” noted Adams, discussing the significance of Page’s interview.

“It’s good for them to use the platform of mainstream media to talk about their lives and draw attention to social issues [like] all the bills that are happening that are targeting trans youth. The fact that Elliot is able to do that can make a big difference in society.”

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On Friday, April 30 Apple TV+ released Oprah’s interview with Page, his first on-camera interview since disclosing he is transgender in December 2020.

It is available to stream now on Apple TV+.