Tiffany Haddish made an in-person appearance on Monday’s edition of “The Late Late Show”, joining host James Corden for a socially distanced conversation while wearing a bedazzled plastic face-shield.

“I’m trusting you, I’m gonna take it off, but I’m keeping it close,” Haddish told Corden as she removed the mask. “If I feel any spittle coming this way — shield up.”

During the conversation, Haddish shared a devious little trick she used to pull when auditioning, admitting that it “probably wasn’t legal but I did it.”

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As she explained, Haddish would take a small tape recorder, press record, and drop it in her purse right before entering the audition room. Following the audition, she would leave, but deliberately “forget” her purse so she could hear what was being said about her after her exit.

After 10 to 15 minutes, she would then return, claiming she’d left her bag behind accidentally. “Then I go to the car, push stop, rewind, and we find out what they think.”

Corden, however, wanted to know if she had used this little trick in her personal life.

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“Well, you know,” she said with a chuckle, prompting Corden to ask, “What do you mean?”

As she pointed out, she no longer needs a tape recorder because “our phones hear everything, right, so sometimes I might leave the phone on voice memo record, and then I might walk out of the room, and I might just leave it there. My man might be on the phone, and then we find out what is on the phone conversation — at least his side,” she explained.

“And then I realized I wasted my battery, ’cause he ain’t talking about nothing.”

Later, Corden and Haddish share warnings about the various side effects of getting the COVID-19 vaccine, including the ability to re-enter society — but only after mastering that sourdough recipe and watching the final three seasons of “The Sopranos”.