Catherine Zeta-Jones made a virtual appearance on Tuesday’s edition of Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show”, with the “Prodigal Son” star and host Drew Barrymore bonding over watching their children head off to college.

As she told Barrymore, she and husband Michael Douglas “are just about to become empty nesters and that term for me is like so cold, ‘What do you mean empty nesters? They are not going anywhere, they are just going off to school.’”

What really gives the couple satisfaction, however, is seeing how well their kids have turned out.

“When I really sit down to think about it, it gives me joy to be an empty nester because I see what both Michael and I have done and I’m not bragging, you never know as a parent what you are going to get. The best laid plans, whatever, it’s just two people come together and there is a creation and then you guide them,” she said. “I had a mother who was a wonderful, beautiful blueprint of what a mother should be, strict but for her it was manners and a disciplinarian but kind… With my children I tried to instil those qualities the best I could and for both Michael and I the best, best joy is when we get complimented about our kid’s behaviour and their manners and how they are just good two grounded kids.”

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Their children, she added, both have a “passion” for their parents’ profession.

“Their love of the craft of acting is so strong that even when Michael, their brains they are doing politics and history in school, but their passion is acting,” explained Zeta-Jones. “And they’ve never done anything professional, but they would like to go into acting and you know you come from a family where your name is synonymous, very much like Michael, very similar stories where you both had to be, ‘The kids of.’ I never had that I was like, ‘Audition? I am in. They don’t want me, I’ll just queue up around the corner and line up again.’”

However, she added, Douglas has warned them about “what it is like to be, ‘the daughter of’ in the same industry, which I guess is similar if you are in business. If you are successful in business, your kids have, it’s not an easy way in, in fact one has to prove oneself more, so even with that deterrent my kids are like, ‘No, sorry we still want to do it.’ And I’ve had a wonderful life being an actor and if they get half the joy that I’ve had. All I want is my kids to be happy and healthy, everything else is a bonus, right?”

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In another part of the interview, Zeta-Jones looks back on her Oscar-winning performance in “Chicago”, and reveals she had to fight for her character’s now-iconic bobbed hairstyle.

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