Listen to Ryan Reynolds, he is trying to help you.

Reynolds starred in an amusing one-minute commercial for his Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile brands. The Canadian “Deadpool” actor has stakes in both companies and paired them for a riff on “Don’t Drink and Drive.”

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In the video, titled “Don’t Aviation and Mint,” Reynolds warns of the dangers of texting people after boozing up.

“Bars and restaurants are opening their doors, and the distance between us all is finally starting to disappear,” Reynolds said. “But as the owner of both a gin company and a wireless company, I feel a special obligation to say to everyone watching: Please, don’t Aviation and Mint.”

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Floating all around Reynolds are cringy, regrettable drunk texts.

“I love you Megan” one text reads. “This is Molly,” the recipient responds, eliciting “You up, Molly?” from the original sender.