Drew Scott and Linda Phan are way too cute while celebrating their third wedding anniversary.

Scott, 43, and Phan, 36, celebrated the occasion by screening and reacting to their wedding ceremony.

“We had our wedding three years ago and we just finished our wedding video two months ago,” Drew said of the event. “We’re having Canadian junk food and it’s worth it. That’s the only way to watch a 45-minute wedding video.”

Scott and Phan haven’t just been sitting on the footage, it actually took years to compile it.

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Fun fact, the couple actually tied the knot before their stunning 2018 ceremony in Italy. The “Property Brothers” star and his wife actually got married in a hot tub in Nashville.

“There’s a whole other process if you want to get married overseas,” he added. “The legal wedding is done locally and then you just do the ceremony and all the fun stuff abroad.”