“Storage Wars” star Dan Dotson won’t be trying to separate his dogs if they’re fighting again anytime soon.

Dotson suffered a horrific injury to his finger back in December after trying to intervene in a fight between his two French bulldogs, Louis and Jax. He failed to mention which of the pups had bitten him, insisting he didn’t want to put the blame on them.

The incident was mentioned on Tuesday’s “Storage Wars”, with the American auctioneer revealing his heavily bandaged hand, People reported.

He explained to those attending the auction he was running that one of his dogs had bitten his finger off.

The episode comes after Dotson shared a graphic video in December shortly after the accident happened, and it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Warning: Graphic video below.

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The star showed his injured finger, with the tip almost being completely severed from his hand. He also showed his blood-covered wedding ring.

Luckily for Dotson, the Redlands Hospital, California medical staff were able to reattach his finger.

He explained in the video how his other dog, a Mastiff named Rambo, helped break up the fight after he was bitten, writing: “He did great, clamping and pinning the aggressor like T-Rex to the floor.”

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Dotson insisted, “I love my dogs,” adding, “From now on, its Rambo’s job to break up the boys when they’re fighting.”

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