Girl power inspired girls around the world, including BeyoncéVictoria Beckham opened up about meeting Queen Bey a few years ago when the topic of her hit girl group, the Spice Girls, came up.

“I met Beyoncé a few years ago, and she actually said to me, ‘It was the Spice Girls that inspired me and made me want to do what I do and made me proud to be a girl and proud to be who I am,'” the 47-year-old fashion designer shared on Dear Media’s “Breaking Beauty” podcast. “And when someone like Beyoncé, who is so iconic and was such a strong woman, says that she was inspired by the Spice Girls, I think that’s quite something.”

Beckham rose to fame as Posh Spice in the girl group, setting major ’90s trends with her fashion-forward alter ego.

“I don’t look at anything and cringe,” the famed designer insisted of her past styles. “I look at us all, and it makes me smile because we didn’t care. Whether it was fashion or beauty, we didn’t care. We wore what made us feel good. We weren’t worried is this the newest, coolest? We set trends because there was no fear.”

One trend Beckham wasn’t in on was the thick platform boots, but she still benefitted from the look. Her bandmates Mel B, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, and Melanie Chisholm’s styles helped fund her own.

“It worked for me the fact the girls wore those shoes because they used to get sent them for free because they were not that expensive, so therefore there was a little more budget left over for me to have those Tom Ford, Gucci spike-heeled stilettos that Posh used to trotter around in,” she quipped.

For more Spice Girls love, see ET’s exclusive interview with Mel C below!


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