Ellen DeGeneres discussed the differences between the first and 3,000th episodes of her show on “The Late Late Show” Tuesday.

DeGeneres chatted to her friend James Corden about having to hold mock interviews at her house with Tom Hanks, Alanis Morissette, and Helen Hunt before the first ep to prove she could do it.

“They didn’t think I could interview people or talk to people because you know when you’re gay, it interferes with conversations,” DeGeneres joked.

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“Then when I started the show they were like, ‘You can’t make reference that you’re gay. Don’t bring it up, don’t even go in that area.’

“I had to dress differently. I had to wear necklaces because shiny things distract people from the lesbianism.”

Corden showed DeGeneres a photo of herself from the first episode of her show and asked what the differences were between the pair.

“She was pretty happy because that was a big deal that I’m starting a show and getting a chance. So I was very, very happy and very hopeful for everything,” DeGeneres shared.

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“I think, just more naive than I am now, but you know, I’m the same person.”

DeGeneres also spoke about how a neighbour once predicted the last 19 years of her career almost exactly and debated with Corden on the differences between a lake and a pond. See more in the clip above.