They’ve already had enormous success in the movie and music businesses. Now the Wahlberg brothers plan on trying their luck with two other businesses—the restaurant business and reality TV.

With more than a little help from their brother Paul, a certified chef, Mark and Donnie Wahlberg have already opened up a burger joint in their native Massachusetts, which they’ve called Wahlburgers. The trio hope to establish a second Wahlburgers location in Toronto in 2014.

The idea for the restaurant came from Paul, who was nicknamed “Wahlburger”; by bullies who made fun of his height. “I think Paul is getting the last laugh now,”; Donnie told ET Canada“s Sangita Patel. “He’s been bullied his whole life, and now he’s turning it around to his love of burgers.”;

Few things in life are more stressful and tension-fraught than opening up a new restaurant, which is why the Wahlbergs plan on making Wahlburgers the subject of a reality TV show. “[It’s] one of the reasons why we thought making a docu-series about building the family business with family and friends alike. It would be something fascinating to watch but difficult to do,”; said Mark.

According to Donnie, burgers have a special place in Wahlberg family lore. “There were nine kids sitting at our kitchen table growing up and there was not a a lot of food to go around. Every time we had burgers, it was like the greatest thrill.”;

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