Bebe Rexha is getting candid about her sexuality.

In a new interview with Gay Times, the singer-songwriter opens up about her sexual fluidity, revealing some past flings with famous females.

“What I believe about sexuality is this: It’s a scale,” she says. “Have I gone out with girls before? Yes. Have I dated girls? Yes, I have. And famous ones, but I’m not naming them. Even though people would be living for it — no! Have I fallen in love with a girl before? Yes. But right now, I’m in a relationship with a guy.”

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However, she admits she was hesitant to label herself with terms such as “pansexual” and “bisexual.”

“It’s just so hard because everybody wants to put people in boxes and I don’t like boxes, as you can tell with my music,” she explains. “Like, I don’t like boxes whatsoever.”

She also reveals why she’s hesitant to get into a serious relationship with another woman.

“The only thing I will say is that when I’m in a relationship with a girl, it’s just too emotional,” she says. “The power … I personally cannot deal with that.”

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According to Rexha, it’s the support of her fans that has led her to become more open about her sexuality.

“I can’t tell you how many [fans] told me that they came out to their parents and got kicked out and saved up all their money to come to [my] tour,” she says. “Like, I didn’t realize my music could do that, that it actually could give people strength.”