Things took a turn for the worse for Josh Duhamel recently while enjoying the scenery in the Dominican Republic.

The actor, who has just finished filming the rom-com “Shotgun Wedding” with Jennifer Lopez in the Caribbean country, showed Jimmy Fallon a terrifying video of a wave crashing into him and almost taking him out to sea.

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“I had some time off and right below where I was staying was this beautiful cove. Earlier in the shoot it was this perfectly calm turquoise little cove, I actually jumped off this platform into the water and swam over to the beach then walked back.

“A week later this place was completely different because now the ocean was really tumultuous that day, the waves were crashing like 30 ft in the air,” Duhamel continued.

“This rogue wave comes up as I’m videotaping this thing and literally washed me almost off the edge of this cliff. Thankfully, there’s this razor-sharp coral there that held me up but it turned me into hamburger on many parts of my body afterwards.”

He added, “It was one of the near-death experiences of my life, for sure.”

Fallon started the interview by asking for an update on J.Lo after her recent split from Alex Rodriguez, though he did not name the sports star.

Duhamel replied, “She’s fantastic. I’ve known her for years, and it sort of came to my attention that the job became available, and I got a chance to meet with her. It was like rekindling an old friendship with an old friend.”