Nikki Phillippi has set off some major backlash after putting her dog down.

In an Instagram post, the YouTube star announced the sad news that her family had made the decision to euthanize their dog Bowser after he bit their young son Logan.

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“Bowser had an aggressive side that reared its ugly head a few times over the years,” Phillippi wrote. “After a lot of counsel, we decided it was time for Bowser to pass peacefully on.

“We didn’t want to make this decision…as I’m sure you can imagine. I’m not kidding when I say this was one of the saddest days of my life.”

Finally, she added, “We will miss you forever, Bowser.”

Phillippi also addressed the sad news in a YouTube video, assuring fans that Logan’s injury “wasn’t bad” but he still had “a little mark” from the bite.

“In some ways it’s been anticipated for a really long time, and in others, it was completely shocking,” she said. “Never crossed my mind — ‘Oh, now we’re gonna have to put Bowser down’ — I just thought, Oh, he’s just gotta be in the right home. But after getting counsel from multiple professionals who are with dogs all the time, all of them said that, they all said the same thing.”

She also shared “a list of things that I’ll never forget about Bowser,” showing a montage of photos of the dog. The list included “the way he smelled,” “the soft spot on his nose,” and “the thick fur on the back of his neck.”

On Twitter, influencer Jaclyn Hill called Phillippi out, talking about her own experience having an aggressive dog.

Other YouTube and social media personalities, including Jeffree Star and Def Noodles also called Phillippi out.


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While the comments were turned off on her YouTube video, Philippi’s followers also largely responded to her post with negative comments on Instagram.

“So you knew about the aggression issues before a child was brought into the home? What were you guys thinking. Clearly not about the dog or child just money, clicks and views. So sick now the child is bit and the dog is dead. Way to go. Hope you make lots of money!!!! I pray you don’t get another animal,” one commenter wrote.

“Not sure what is more upsetting to me… the fact that you killed your dog instead of training him, re-homing him or creating boundaries with your small child likely being all over him… OR The fact that you are dangling a carrot like this to upset people and then using it to MONETIZE your YouTube video,” another wrote. “Very sad and very disappointing from a long time viewer. ✌🏼”

Another commenter added, “The grossest part to me is the photo shoot before having the dog put down. Glad you weren’t too distraught to produce some content first! 🤢”

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