Kate Middleton is shining a spotlight on children.

In a video on YouTube, the Duchess of Cambridge shared a number of phone calls with kids featured in her new photo book Hold Still.

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The book features photos depicting the U.K. during the pandemic lockdown, including a picture of young Mila, who was diagnosed with leukemia, and who was at one point isolated from her family to protect her from COVID-19.

“Good morning, Your Royal Highness,” Mila said over the phone, accompanied by her mother. The duchess responded: “Good morning, my goodness me, you’re so polite, Mila!”

Kate continued, “I wanted to call you to thank you both very, very much for sending in your fantastic photograph.”

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In another conversation, the royal spoke with a woman named Gimba, who is featured in a photo in the book wearing her blue scrubs and enjoying a takeout meal.

“Thank you for loving my photograph. I’m so excited. I say, wow, me!” Gimba said.

Kate then called Niaz Maleknia in the latest clip in the “Cancelled” series.

A message on screen read, “With exams, graduations, and proms all cancelled due to the outbreaks of COVID-19, Romy, in a photograph taken by her mother Niaz, reminds us of the silent heroes that make up the class of 2020.”

Kate shared, “I just wanted to say a huge thank you for sending in your photograph. We thought it was fantastic.”

Maleknia, an amateur photographer, replied, “Thank you so much for selecting the photo, I was thrilled to take part in it. And you know, you’ve clearly got an amazing interest in photography. So yeah it was really, really, it was inspiring and I thought the briefs were really good.”

Kate then told her daughter Romy, “I feel I know you so well just by looking at the photograph.

“I think it’s so important you know that your mum’s really highlighted how much young people have been affected by lockdown and all of the disruptions that you had with work and with school and everything.”

See more in the clip below.

On Monday, Kate then released the third in a series of telephone calls, with the latest being titled “Forever Holding Hands”.

The image was of Hayley Evans’ grandparents, Pat and Ron Wood, holding hands as they battled COVID-19. They later died just days apart.

Kate spoke to Evans, who took the photo, in the clip.

She shared in the conversation, which took place last fall, “The photograph is so moving, and that’s what I think is so lovely, is actually hearing people’s stories, and the things that have really resonated for them.”

Kate continued, “And I loved your sentence about saying how they appreciate the tiny things and took nothing for granted.

“And it was just the ability to touch each other and hold each other in those last few days. I think things like that shouldn’t be taken for granted, particularly, you know, in the last few days of life.”

Hold Still is out now.