“A Quiet Place Part II” was one of the many films whose release date was delayed over the pandemic, initially scheduled to be released in March 2020 and then pushed to September 2020 before moving to 2021. Viewers have been patiently waiting to see the silent saga of the Abbott family continue. Now, director John Krasinski and the film’s lead Emily Blunt are encouraging people to return to cinemas to see the movie.

“It’s very exciting to come back to the theatres to see ‘A Quiet Place 2’ because it was always designed for a theatrical experience,” Krasinski says in a featurette accompanying a new trailer ahead of the film’s May 28 release date.

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“It’s a horror movie. You want to see it in the dark and scream and jump and gasp together,” Blunt says, echoing husband Krasinski’s sentiment.

The sequel picks up following the events of the first film with Evelyn Abbott (Blunt) and her kids (Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe) leaving their homestead and venturing out into the world. Meeting a new group of survivors, including Emmett (Cillian Murphy), the Abbotts soon learn the deadly creatures that hunt by sound aren’t the only dangers lurking in the outside world.

“A Quiet Place Part II” will open in select theatres in Canada on May 28.