Donald Trump still isn’t allowed back on Facebook.

Facebook’s oversight board extended the social media platform’s ban on the former U.S. president, on Wednesday, which it had instituted after the riots in the Capitol building on Jan. 6.

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On Global’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert“, the show let animated anchor James Smartwood, voiced by R.J. Fried, address the news.

“Liberals praised the move by the psychological manipulating data-mining website,” the fictional anchor said. “Meanwhile, Trump’s feeling the impact personally as the platform serves as a lifeline for direct communication between his team and nearly a dozen GRU hackers.”

He added, though, “Without Trump’s online presence, we here in the media have been forced to discuss frivolous bulls**t like COVID.”

Meanwhile, on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, the host joked, “Whatever else you think of the guy, he did find a way to leave Facebook.”

Jimmy Kimmel joked on his show, “His punishment for trying to overthrow the government is the same punishment you give a teenager for coming home late after curfew. ‘No social media for you!'”

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On “The Tonight Show”, Jimmy Fallon commented, “If you wanna see crazy conspiracy theories, you’ll have to settle for any other person on Facebook.”

He added, “That’s tough break for Trump. Now he’s scrambling to figure out how to keep in touch with his friends from high school. On the bright side, he still has a good excuse for forgetting his kids’ birthdays.”

Finally, he joked, “You gotta give this to Trump, though. He’s the only person to leave social media without a long annoying post about how he’s leaving social media.”

James Corden took Facebook itself to task on “The Late Late Show”, saying, “You’ve banned Trump and you’ve done absolutely nothing else ever to ever make Facebook better.”

He also joked about Trump’s own attempt to start a social media site, which Corden described as “a blog, that’s it.”

Corden added, “Trump’s jotting down some thoughts when they come to him, so let’s be honest about what this whole thing should really be called: From the Bathroom of Donald J. Trump.”