Meghan McCain will always be a huge Will Smith fan.

McCain didn’t hold back on Thursday’s “The View” as the panel discussed whether Smith had been sharing posts about his weight gain just to promote his upcoming YouTube fitness series, and not so much to be relatable to people.

McCain said, according to The Wrap: “I love Will Smith and, I mean, not to be crass again but like, he can get it any time he wants.

“I love Will Smith. He is my long-term crush since I was like, 12, and I don’t care what his body looks like.”

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McCain, who is married to Ben Domenech, also insisted body positivity needs to become more normalized in today’s society, especially for women.

“I’m a big body positivity person. I really hate, like ‘Your Summer body is here,’” she shared.

“Your body is your body, and me having a body that honestly is healthy and has been through a lot — having a baby, having pre-eclampsia, having a C-section, having everything — I’m just happy that my body is healthy and getting me able to do what I need to do. And I wish we would just stop emphasizing weight in our culture.”

McCain’s comments come after Smith admitted he was “in the worst shape” of his life.

He then posted: