Michael C. Hall and the cast of Dexter reunited on Thursday night at Paleyfest in Los Angeles to discuss the upcoming series finale of the vigilante-serial-killer drama, which airs on Sunday, Sept. 22.

“Dexter is going to have to deal with mess, because this has not been a bad dream,”; Hall said, teasing the show’s final episode without giving anything away. “Somebody’s probably going to die, I’ll give you that.”;

As Hall noted, Paleyfest marked the first time the cast has assembled since shooting completed a few months ago. “The end for us has already happened,”; he said. “So this is more like a reunion.”;

As for the much-anticipated final episode, exec producer Sara Colleton didn’t offer up many details, but did acknowledge, “There is a storm coming,”; while Jennifer Carpenter (who plays Dexter’s foul-mouthed sister, Deb) said “the finale felt appropriate.”;

Hall compared the finale to the end of “a really good book.”; “It was that, times a hundred,”; he said. “It was beyond anything we could articulate.”;

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