A press conference for the upcoming boxing match between Logan Paul and legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. went off the rails on Thursday, thanks to Paul’s brother, YouTuber Jake Paul.

Ahead of the big pay-per-view exhibition match on Sunday June 6, Logan Paul and Mayweather got in each other’s faces; then, Jake likewise had words with the undefeated former pro boxer.

As TMZ reported, bedlam ensued when Jake got up in Mayweather’s grill, with the two exchanging heated remarks until he grabbed Mayweather’s white baseball cap off his head.

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“Got your hat!” he told Mayweather as he bolted away, while several members of Mayweather’s entourage appeared to be holding the furious boxer back as he yelled, “I’ll kill you, motherf**ker.”

Jake later took to Twitter, sharing a video of the altercation while indicating the hat-stealing ploy had been planned from the beginning, and changed his Twitter user name to “GOTCHA HAT.”

He also claimed that one of Floyd’s bodyguards “got a clean shot on me in the eye.”

He followed up with another tweet, writing, “word on the street already is that Floyd is sending goons after me to try and kill me or hurt me.” He added, ‘If I die……. I died for the hat.”