Ellen Pompeo has been sharing some behind-the-scenes truths about one of “Grey’s Anatomy”s biggest episodes.

It was announced Thursday that the show would be re-airing one of the most-talked-about episodes in its history next week; the 17th episode from season 2, titled “As We Know It”.

After ABC confirmed the news, Pompeo responded to fans on Twitter, revealing some secrets about the ep and sending a powerful message to women.

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In the episode a patient comes into the hospital with a bomb inside them, and despite Meredith (Pompeo) eventually being able to take the bomb out, bomb squad member Dylan Young (played by guest star Kyle Chandler) died after it exploded as he was walking down the hallway. Meredith was also sent flying, though she survived the blast.

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She told one fan who commented on how hard the character hit her head:

Pompeo also revealed:

She added: