Sarah Drew returned to “Grey’s Anatomy” for the May 6 episode, reprising her role as April Kepner to reunite with ex-husband Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams).

With Williams set to exit the show (his last episode will air on May 20), the reunion of the couple fans dubbed Japril ended with Jackson’s decision to join April in Boston, leaving the door open for the exes to potentially get back together.

On Friday, Drew hosted Williams on Instagram Live, where they addressed rumours that the episode was setting up a new Japril spinoff.

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“A lot of people are feeling like this episode will lead to a spinoff,” said Drew.

“Did they mention money at all?” Williams joked.

Getting serious, he admitted that the spinoff premise set up by the episode, while far from confirmed, actually has a lot of potential.

“I think it really lends itself to a spinoff,” he said, describing how a series focusing on the two would allow them to explore the couple’s “nuanced and interesting and hard to pin down” relationship.

Following Japril as they embark on a new life together in Boston, Williams added, would follow them as they “do something really f**king interesting… There’d be a lot to do, and Boston would a really interesting place to do it… I’d wanna watch that.”

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Speaking with reporters earlier in the day, reported ET, Drew confirmed she’d be all-in if there were to be a spinoff.

“Yes! I mean, you guys, how cool would that show be?” she said. “I gotta be honest. I’ve been on Twitter and Japril was, I think, trending worldwide all day. It was absolute insanity. When I read the script, even just going on set to get my COVID test before we started shooting it, running into crew members and they were like, ‘Oh, we thought this was a spinoff.’ It feels like it’s setting up for a really great journey. And I was like, ‘I know.’ How amazing and needed is a show about racial justice in the medical field and inequity and equality. How amazing would that be?”