Gloria Estefan can’t wait for people to see her upcoming “Father Of The Bride” remake.

The “Conga” singer, 63, chatted with Entertainment Tonight and spilled on her take on the classic rom-com, revealing the new version will focus on Latinx families.

According to Estefan, she moved around her “Red Table Talk: The Estefans” filming schedule to work on the flick.

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“I got a beautiful email with a letter from the director telling me how much he really wanted me in this role,” Estefan recalled. “And then they sent me the script and when I read it, I go, ‘I have to do this! It’s so good!'”

The “Father of the Bride” remake follows a Cuban American family, whose daughter is marrying into a Mexican American family, a shake-up to the 1991 film starring Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and Martin Short. Andy Garcia and Estefan will play husband and wife.

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“The comedy is really, really well written and I think it’s got a really beautiful message too,” the star continued. “The groom is Mexican and his family’s Mexican, and there’s the Cuban side of the bride. … Hopefully [it will] celebrate cultures in a wonderful, warm, deep way that doesn’t stick to stereotypes.”

She added, “A film should be good no matter what culture is being talked about, and that makes me happy because hopefully, people will identify with it.”

No word on when the remake will be released.