Stana Katic is saying a heartfelt farewell to “Absentia”. 

The Amazon Prime show has come to an end after three seasons.

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The actress took to Twitter to share a statement on Friday, May 7.

“When they asked me in January 2017 if I was ready to spend 3 years in Bulgaria shooting a cable TV series, I had no idea what I was in for,” she began. “I could never have imagined the creative partnerships and the friendships that would form and enrich my life.”

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Katic explained that the series was always intended to run for just three seasons, although the team toyed with the idea of a fourth season.

“Three Seasons was the perfect amount of space for a beautiful, complicated and wonderfully fulfilling journey. We took our protagonist on the path of victim to survivor to … empowered architect of her own future, which is a journey I hope we can all have after this confounding year,” she continued.

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“And although we’ve danced with the idea of continuing the tale, ABSENTIA was always meant to be only 3 seasons, & I couldn’t think of a better note to end on… for any person on this planet, but especially Emily and her loved ones.”

Addressing loyal viewers of the show, the 43-year-old star shared, “To our audience, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining us on this special journey. It is because of YOU that our show was a great success for its broadcasters. It’s because of YOU that we get to entertain you and be storytellers. And whatever projects this tribe of rebel storytellers goes to next, I hope you’ll follow them all.”

Concluding the post, she added, “Last but not least, to my cast and crew, it’s been an honour—you are all the best in the business. And I mean that wholeheartedly. Here’s to the next time! xS.”

The third season of the Amazon Prime series premiered in July 2020.