Dame Emma Thompson spoke with British Vogue about the sense of freedom she feels now that she’s in her sixth decade.

Turning 60, she tells the magazine, was “a watershed,” adding, “I think what I feel principally now is free.”

That milestone birthday, Dame Emma says, brought about a big change in attitude.

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“I’m not really scared anymore,” she explains. “Well, I get scared,” she admits.

“I feel like I could die at any time,” she continues. “Then COVID turned up. I’ve had pneumonia, so I thought I’d better be careful, but no one’s through the woods yet. Anyone could die of this thing.”

According to Thompson, she feels “interestingly impermanent,” something she finds “odd given I’ve been a permanent fixture here for decades.”

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Thompson will soon be seen starring opposite Emma Stone in the upcoming Disney+ film “Cruella”, and she offers high praise for her co-star.

“Unapologetically herself, autonomous, free, unbelievably intelligent and damn funny,” is how Thompson describes her fellow Emma. “And on a more surface level, she’s my inspiration to wear overalls much more often.”