For much of the 1980s, Linda Evans portrayed Krystle Carrington on “Dynasty”, one of the decade’s biggest TV hits.

While the show ended its run in 1989, Evans actually exited the show a year before that, and in a new interview with Closer Weekly revealed why.

“The last three years of ‘Dynasty,’ we were so successful that I had no days off,” Evans, 78, explained. “Not to knock it, because it was a gift from God, but I knew I wanted more out of my life. Still, I didn’t know the show was ending or I would have stuck out the last year.”

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Her decision to leave prematurely, she admitted, was one she later came to regret.

“In fact, I hadn’t counted on the terrible withdrawal,” she continued. “After so many years in such closeness with everybody, it had become my family. I just went into such a sadness that I hadn’t counted on.”

In the series, she played the second wife of mogul Blake Carrington (John Forsythe), with her character fighting viciously with Blake’s ex-wife, Alexis (Joan Collins).

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Behind the scenes, however, Evans said she and Collins actually got along splendidly.

“We never had one personal fight in the nine years we did the show together,” she said. “It was just that when the camera rolled, they wrote us to beat each other up.”

The most iconic scene between their characters — a knockdown fight in a lily pond — remains Evans’ favourite.

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“I think the lily pond was the most fun because it was a challenge,” said Evans. “It was only four or five feet deep, so we had to be on our hands and knees to fight each other. It took an entire day to film but we had fun.”

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