Jacqueline Bisset is reflecting on her starring role in the 1968 classic movie, “Bullitt”. 

Although the movie introduced the British actress to American audiences, Bisset doesn’t believe that her character was important to the plot, which focused mainly on the titular character played by Steve McQueen. 

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“I didn’t actually think my role was necessary in that film,” said the 76-year-old star while speaking to TCM host Eddie Muller during a TCM Classic Film Festival screening.

“If Kathy hadn’t been there, I don’t think it would’ve made much difference,” she continued. “But I was representing the female in his life and the feminine side of his existence rather than being a fully-fleshed character.”

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When asked if she thought “Hollywood might do better today”, Bisset told EW, “I don’t think so. It’s a man’s story… I thought it was a valid role from my point of view. I was thrilled to be doing it and people scoffed and said, ‘Oh it’s a girlfriend role.’ I thought, ‘How rude! So what if it is a girlfriend role? Sometimes women are girlfriends, sometimes they don’t have a massive role in the lives of the men they’re with.'”

She added, “I was always treated well and I don’t really know what we could have added to because it was about Steve. It was his character and the police story.”

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