The latest edition of “Saturday Night Live” delivered a spoof of HBO’s new drama “Mare of Easttown”, starring Kate Winslet as a police detective in rural Pennsylvania.

The “SNL” take focused on the very specific Pennsylvania accent used by the show’s characters, with cast member Kate McKinnon impersonating Winslet as she investigates the discovery of the dead body of “Owen’s daughter” — or, as it’s pronounced on the show, “Owen’s durdur.”

There’s also some very particular cultural references. “Would youse guys quit eating Wawa hoagies over the body please?” McKinnon’s detective chastises a couple of hungry cops as they chow down at the crime scene.

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That’s the setup for the new detective drama “Murdur Durdur”, described as “an extremely Pennsylvania crime show.”

The sketch also spoofs the fact that British Oscar winner Kate Winslet is playing the blue-collar cop with the “very specific” accent.

At one point, the voiceover declares that the show is “starring an actress with a messy ponytail that says forget I’m actually British.”

It all comes to a head when the father of the murder victim enters the police station and declares, “I’m going to murdur whoever murdured my durdur!” followed by Elon Musk as a priest who, because he doesn’t have a Pennsylvania accent, is obviously the “murdurer.”

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