On Mother’s Day 2020, The Tenors unveiled their special musical tribute to moms, “Mother”.

A year later, the vocal group took to social media to once again honour the women who brought them into the world and shaped their lives.

In a Mother’s Day Instagram post, the group shared their video for the song, along with some inspiring words.

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“Happy #mothersday! After years of writing and creating music together as a brotherhood, we were finally ready to honour Mothers the best way we know how,” they wrote in the caption.

“In our many travels around the world, we came across a beautiful quote from #Osho that says ‘the moment a child is born, the mother is also born’… It made us reflect on our Moms’ journeys, including the love and sacrifice it takes to raise a child. We also connected deeply with that quote because two of the Tenors wives were pregnant when we wrote the song,” their message continues.

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“We wanted to shine a spotlight on the connection we have to the most important women in our lives (our mom’s and our wives!) and say it right now,” they conclude. “You never know what tomorrow will bring or how much time we have to say the things we want to say to the ones we love.”