High School would have been a breeze if all exam questions were Taylor Swift focused.

During a recent Advanced Placement U.S. government and politics exam in Texas, student Alyssa Brown was surprised to see a question on the pop superstar.

“I opened the free response questions, and the first question was about Taylor Swift, and I was just laughing,” Brown told CNN. “I thought it was pretty cool.”

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The question was about how ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, Swift encouraged voter registration on Instagram by posting a link to the voter registration website.

Students were asked “to analyze how voter registration laws and procedures can affect civic participation, such as voter turnout.”

Leading up to that point, Swift didn’t share her political views. In the Netflix documentary “Miss Americana”, the lead up to Swift’s decision to speak out was shown, including how she had to fight against members of her team, including her dad, who were worried what the reception would be.

“Exams usually make you feel like, ‘Oh you won’t know these people … it’s usually about important figures who are older. Seeing a younger artist it made me feel comfortable in a way,” said Romeo Rodriguez also said.

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“We’re delighted to hear that AP students could relate what they’ve learned in their AP course to what they experience in their daily lives — and in this case, what they’ve read on their Instagram feeds,” Jerome White, a spokesperson for the College Board, told CNN.

The students all seemed to agree that celebrities can influence other youth to take part in politics.

“Especially celebrities with really big platforms, if they tell people to go vote, there’s a chance they will actually go vote,” Brown said. “The question made me think about how celebrities can impact your decisions, more so than I already had.”