It’s all yellow for Willie Spence.

On Sunday night, the singer took the “American Idol” stage for a pair of Top 7 performances ready-made to wow the judges and the audience.

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First up was a cover of Coldplay’s classic hit “Yellow”. Spence started the song softly, building up the song’s power until he reached a show-stopping climax.

The judges were up on their feet in astonishment, complimenting the singer for doing Coldplay and Chris Martin justice with the performance.

“That was a religious experience,” Lionel Richie said.

Also on the show, to celebrate Mother’s Day, Spence performed his own take on Joe Cocker’s iconic “You Are So Beautiful”.

The singer used the soft and slow song to show off the full range and power of his voice, bringing his mom to tears.

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“It was so beautiful, and it came straight from the heart,” Katy Perry said.

Luke Bryan added, “I can’t even tell you the amazing qualities I hear in your voice.”

The two performances were enough to secure Spence a spot in the coveted “Idol” Top 5.