“Google it.”

On Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight”, host John Oliver did a long segment on states such as California passing so-called CROWN Acts, meant to extend anti-discrimination protections to racialized hairstyles.

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“Look, I realize I’m not the ideal person to talk about Black hair. I look like I still go to an old-timey barber named Valentino and ask for ‘the tidy Liza Minnelli’,” Oliver joked.

“Black hair shouldn’t be viewed, corralled, or judged by white people’s comfort, because it doesn’t belong to white people, it doesn’t affect white people, and white people really don’t need to have an opinion on it.”

Oliver ended the segment with the help of Leslie Jones, Uzo Aduba, and Craig Robinson who appealed explicitly towards his white audience.

“While social stigma and unrealistic beauty standards aren’t going to go away overnight, there are a few things that white viewers in particular might want to keep in mind going forward, and to that end, if you are one, there’s a message you should probably hear,” he said, before launching into the PSA.

Jones began, “Look, white people. I know you have lots of questions.”

“What does a do-rag do?” Robinson said as an example, and Aduba added, “How often do you have to wash black hair?”

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Then, they all offered one simple answer to those questions: “Google it. F**king Google it.”

“It doesn’t have to be Google,” Aduba said.

“It can be f**king Bing, YouTube, Wikipedia, I don’t give a s**t,” Jones added.

“If you’re not interested in Googling it, there is another option,” Robinson noted, before Jones said, “F**k off, f**king off is always an option.”

Robinson joked, “Look, white people, don’t tell me you can’t figure this out on your own, you figured out Settlers of Catan.”