Cesar Millan is sharing some helpful advice for new dog owners.

The famed dog trainer will join Dr. Oz on Tuesday’s episode of the “Dr. Oz Show” and will share the “formula” to a well-behaved dog. Dog adoptions have been on the rise since the start of the pandemic, leaving many owners struggling with separation anxiety and other behavioural issues.

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“I always talk about a formula, exercise, discipline for the mind, affection as a reward, body, mind, heart,” Millan explained. “If you do this every single day, you’re going to find stability, balance, and harmony. That’s what people are going to call, well behaved dog. Is just re-fulfilling the needs of a dog and we don’t miss a day. Remember, dogs don’t understand holidays, every day their life has to be fulfilled.”

And for dogs with separation anxiety, Millan suggests owners should practice “social distancing” at home.

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“Well, we talk about the word social distance, social distance is something that we have to practice at home as well,” he said. “Dogs naturally want to follow someone, but at the same time you can also ask for distance. The thing is, most people in their home, they don’t ask the dog to wait away from the intimate personal space, they just allow the follow behaviour. So when a dog doesn’t understand the disconnect, that’s how this anxiety or the confusion happens. But people should practice let’s say, from 20 times the dog follows you at home, make sure that he only follows you 10. The other 10, you practice social distance. This is when people practice the obedience, they tell the dogs sit and stay, and then the human walks away, but you have to be able to do that at home. So bring social distance inside the house.”

Millan’s full episode airs Tuesday.