Isla Fisher criticized Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in a new interview with Marie Claire.

The actress, who moved from Los Angeles to Sydney with her husband Sacha Baron Cohen and their kids in December, put some blame on the social media platform for inciting “violence” and spreading “conspiracy theories” that resulted in the Capitol Hill riots in Washington, D.C., on January 6.

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She said, according to the Daily Mail: “It is something that we all need to be as proactive as possible about right now. It was clearly the spread of online conspiracy theories that led to the storming of Capitol Hill.

“And people like Mark Zuckerberg are making money off lies that cost lives, and these social media companies should be creating jobs that save lives.

“No account on social media should incite violence, or spread hate or false information.”

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Fisher continued, “I think these companies can afford to hire moderators to prevent misinformation being spread, and to save lives.”

The riots saw thousands of Trump supporters storm the U.S. Capitol building in Washington as Congress was certifying Joe Biden’s presidential election win.