Ewan McGregor is backing up Noel Gallagher’s claim that he gave the “Star Wars” actor his first lightsaber training experience.

Jimmy Kimmel reminded the Scottish star, who is currently filming “Obi-Wan Kenobi” for Disney+, about the Oasis star’s statement.

“Noel Gallagher of the band Oasis claims, he said this in an interview, that he did your first lightsaber training with you. Is there any truth to that?” Kimmel asks McGregor, who joined “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” virtually from his dressing room on the set of the “Star Wars” series.

As it turns out, there’s some truth to Gallagher’s claim.

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“Well, it was Noel Gallagher’s 30th birthday party and he lived quite close to me in London, north London,” McGregor recalls of the party in 1997. “And I was at his party and then there was a lightsaber fight in his garden very early the next day in the morning.”

While the stars may have been playing around with lightsabers, McGregor says, “I don’t remember too much instruction. I don’t remember any lessons being given by Noel. It was just more of a battle in the garden.”

Kimmel asks McGregor the most important question of all: Who won the backyard lightsaber battle? The Oasis singer-songwriter or the future “Star Wars” star?

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“I would be surprised if either of us could remember that,” McGregor jokes.

Kimmel’s attempts to get McGregor to spill secrets from the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” set may have failed but the actor was able to share a few interesting notes, including that he celebrated the holiest of “Star Wars” days, May the Fourth, filming a “very special scene” with “someone very special in my life”.

On returning to the character McGregor adds, “It feels great. I have to say I’m having a really good time”.

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