Sometimes ignorance is bliss, at least for Lochlyn Munro, who played the Black Hood, AKA Hal Cooper, in The CW hit drama, “Riverdale”.

“You know what’s interesting, right from the very beginning of the show, I just always pictured the Cooper family as the comic book,” Munro told ET Canada. “I just thought we were this all American family, trying to do our best in a small town and wow was I wrong.”

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In case you missed it, the last pieces of the Black Hood puzzle were finally put into place when Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) confronted her father with the truth. But that was season 2. Now we’re in season 5 with a 7-year time jump making our favourite high schoolers return to their hometown as adults to stop Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos) from yet another evil plan to destroy the town.

One of the most shocking moments of season 5’s midseason finale is when Hiram blows a hole in the prison walls freeing all of the town’s prisoners. The wild escape quickly landed on the Cooper’s doorstep with Betty’s formally incarcerated real half brother Charles (Wyatt Nash), and her impersonated half brother, Chic (Hart Denton) madly in love and demanding an at home marriage ceremony, a scene Munro was even struck by.

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“That writing team throws curve ball after curve ball,” Munro said. “They do a great job at keeping the audience entertained and on our seats — and us too. Even going back to the Black Hood character, I never knew what was going to happen, ever! We were doing a read through of that script and everyone turned the page and was shocked. So when it comes to Chic and Charles returning from prison in love, I’m not surprised with what they’ve come up with, and from what I’ve seen there’s a lot more coming up that people will just shake their heads at.

“Riverdale” will return to The CW on Wednesday, July 7, and while Munro can’t give too much away, he does tease the show’s “token musical.”

“It’s pretty good and heartwarming,” Munro said.