While they’re friends and podcast hosts now, Shenae Grimes-Beech and AnnaLynne McCord weren’t always this close.

During their time on the “90210” reboot, the co-stars not only feuded on-screen but off-screen too.

Now, years after putting their beef behind them, Grimes-Beech and McCord are hosting the upcoming podcast “Unzipped” and recently opened up about what caused them to feud in the first place.

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“To be honest, AnnaLynne and I hadn’t ever addressed the fact that we didn’t speak for almost the entirety of our time on the show,” Grimes-Beech, 31, revealed to E! News. “There were a lot of behind-the-scenes issues and it was a very toxic environment.”

McCord continued, “I think the picture that the media painted of all of us and of each of us as individuals obviously was through a very harsh lens, and while we knew for ourselves that a lot of the stories that were written about us weren’t true or were really highly fabricated, it’s hard not to get influenced on your perception of people when you’re being fed that narrative the whole time.”

Adding, “I think it was just that the things that were happening were maybe amplified by the things that were kind of popping up in the media and press coverage on like, seemingly a daily basis.”

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But when the show wrapped in 2013, the pair were able to move forward and start a friendship.

“We went through all kinds of stuff,” McCord said. “And to come out on the other side having been little rivals, and at the very 11th hour — which it was because it was the night before the last day — we had this whole, like, ‘Oh my god I can’t believe it’s over!’ And we go through this whole moment.”

The first episode of Grimes-Beech and McCord’s “Unzipped” podcast debuts Wednesday.

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