Wendy Williams is loving her wax figure! On Monday’s episode of “The Wendy Williams Show”, the 56-year-old host debuted her Madame Tussauds wax figure, and was delighted by the results.

Williams welcomed Madame Tussauds’ Matthew Clarkson to the show to help with the unveiling, and he revealed that her wax figure took “over 20 Madame Tuesos artists over 800 hours, and she’s travelled over 3,000 miles across the Atlantic on a cargo ship.”

As soon as the figure was revealed, Williams jumped out of her chair and excitedly gasped as she went over to take a closer look. The wax version of Williams appeared to be a carbon copy of the host, as it sported an orange jumpsuit, her signature hair, and her go-to jewelry pieces.

“Oh my gosh,” she said. “They got copies of all my bracelets and stuff. Matthew, you’re very detailed!”

“We are,” Clarkson agreed, before pointing out specific details of the figure.

“So the hair was over five weeks of work. Every strand is inserted individually. It’s human hair, ethically sourced, of course,” he said. “She’s got your signature W necklace. As you know, we raided your closet for the jumpsuit and the Gucci shoes. A little Easter egg, the watch is set to 10 a.m. It’s fantastic. What do you think?”

Williams praised the figure as “wonderful,” telling Clarkson, “You did a superb job.”

“You got all the skin complexion, all the hair compilations, the eyebrows that I wear,” she said. “I want to thank my glam squad for working so hard with you guys, and you guys being so accepting. You got the rounds of my breasts. I just can’t believe that you went and got a W [necklace].”

At the figure’s museum unveiling later in the day, Williams thanked Madame Tussauds’ staff, as well as her fans, team, and family, for their support amid the process.