Allison Janney and technology don’t mix.

On Wednesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, Allison Janney and the cast of “Mom” stop by for a visit but in a bit of a mishap, Janney joins in too early.

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As DeGeneres begins her monologue, the screen is partly taken over by Janney, appearing virtually from home while she directs her dad on where to place some balloons.

The host asks what the actress is doing there, to which she explains that she’s on the show today.

“Yes, but later on,” DeGeneres tells her. “I’m in the middle of a monologue.”

A flustered Janney blames her inability to work technology, but the host happily agrees to go sit down at her chair to do the interview.

She explains that the balloons were from her family, who surprised her in celebration of filming the final scene of the final episode of “Mom”.

Janney also talks about having hosted a small wedding at her house during quarantine.

“Everything fell apart very quickly,” she says, explaining there was a dog poop mishap, and that she missed the I dos. “It was an epic fail.”

Later in the show, Janney is joined by “Mom” castmates Jaime Pressly, Kristen Johnston, Beth Hall, and Mimi Kennedy to talk about the series finale, and they all reveal who cried the most.

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Finally, DeGeneres has the cast of the show play a game of “Never Have I Ever”, with some very intimate questions, including who among them has fallen asleep while making love, and which of them once made out with producer Andy.