Machine Gun Kelly talks haunted houses, girlfriend Megan Fox, and more on Wednesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

The rapper tells DeGeneres why he thinks his homes are haunted, revealing how Fox had also moved into a new house early on in their relationship.

He recalls how at one point his other half locked herself in her room when she was alone because her front doors kept opening and shutting.

Kelly came round to try and save the day, telling DeGeneres: “I had a weapon to make sure that everyone was safe. So I went through the house with the weapon.”

DeGeneres jokes, “To shoot a ghost?” as Kelly replies, “Then we realized we needed Ghostbusters. What I had was not going to defeat whatever enemy was in this house.”

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He continues, “That realization came later, ’cause at first I was looking for a culprit that we later found out didn’t exist.”

Kelly then talks about his emotional “Saturday Night Live” performance that didn’t go exactly as planned.

He tells DeGeneres how the production manager told him at the very last minute that his whole lighting board had crashed and all the productions were gone, it was just him and his guitar.

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Kelly recalls, “For the first 20 seconds, I could kind of feel my nerves were like [shaky]. I was like, ‘How is this happening? Like, dress rehearsal went so good.’

“But as soon as the chorus came, all of the emotion took over, and I think it worked out way better. It felt like everyone connected with just the music instead of all the lights.”

MGK then fell off the stage with cast member and friend Pete Davidson during the show’s closing credits. He told DeGeneres he blamed Davidson.

“Pete’s like a method person. Every time I show up and see him, he has a different hair colour, a different body shape and type,” admitting that time he’d gone from skinny to ripped.

“I’ve been falling for years, I professionally hurt myself,” the musician jokes.

Kelly also talks about why he wore a vial that contained Fox’s blood, and discusses their extreme first and second dates. See more below.