Josh Duhamel Zoomed in to SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show”, where he discussed his new Netflix superhero series “Jupiter’s Legacy” and his upcoming rom-com “Shotgun Wedding”, which he recently completed filming alongside co-star Jennifer Lopez.

Host Jess Cagle noted that “2 Broke Girls” star Jennifer Coolidge plays Duhamel’s mother in the movie.

“I mean, she’s a legend to me, I’m a such a fan of anything Christopher Guest. And she’s just so she’s genius in those movies,” said Duhamel of Coolidge’s work in such Guest-directed comedies as “Best in Show” and “A Mighty Wind”.

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“I just love her… first of all, she would’ve had to have had me when she was 9 years old for her to actually be my mother. And I made that perfectly clear from the beginning. And I, I think I made a joke in the movie about it. I was like, you know, I was giving a speech at the at the rehearsal dinner. I was like, I don’t know if you guys know this, but my mom and dad actually had me a sophomores in high school,” he explained (Duhamel is 48; Coolidge is 59).

“But she’s just, she’s just a, such a, such an interesting bird that girl, I love her. And you never know what she’s going to do. And, and I respect that in actors who you just don’t know what they’re going to do, because it takes a certain… it’s like a tightrope, you’re up there without a net,” he added, noting that other co-stars in “Shotgun Wedding” include Cheech & Chong’s Cheech Marin and rocker Lenny Kravitz.

Duhamel was a last-minute addition to the movie, brought in when original star Armie Hammer dropped out when his texting scandal began making headlines.

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“Was it a little scary just to have to jump in because it, it seems like it was announced and then all of a sudden you were filming it and then it wrapped, it felt very quickly,” said co-host Julia Cunningham, asking if he was “intimidated” by working with JLo and diving into the project with little time for preparation.

“Well, I’ve known her for, for years,” said Duhamel of Lopez. “Back when I was married to Fergie, we were in Miami for somebody. I don’t remember why, but we were there and we all hung out and then I’d see her at certain events. So I’ve known her. So I was comfortable with her. And, and yes, I think if, if I hadn’t been with somebody like Ferg, for so long, I probably would have been because she’s a big presence and she’s a boss. And she, she comes with, she’s got a lot of, you know, whatever that is that that comes with JLo, but I’ll, I’ll say this about her. She was always present, always collaborative, came with ideas, really wants to do a good job. And just like a total pro and a sweetheart.”

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According to Duhamel, Lopez “is a powerhouse, but she’s also a very sweet girl. She is Jenny from the Block in lot of ways. And so when I, when I just sort of, and I told her, when we started, I was like, ‘Listen, this is me and you, if they don’t buy us being absolutely in love… the movie doesn’t work… I don’t care how beautiful the surroundings are or how funny the stuff is or how big the action sequences are. If you and I don’t have this beautiful connection, the movie doesn’t work.’ And we did have that. And we trusted each other. And at the end of the day, I just forgot she was who she is.”

In another part of the interview, Duhamel discusses his new Netflix superhero series “Jupiter’s Legacy”, comparing his real-life parenting style to that of his character in the show.