Kris Jenner presented daughter Kim with a unique and heartfelt gift to mark her 40th birthday: a 20-page handwritten letter.

“I always thought I would write my kids a letter, but you know, it’s really very time-consuming, because I write really long letters,” Jenner revealed during a conversation with the “At Home with Linda & Drew Scott” podcast, reported People. “And I hadn’t written one in a really long time.”

With Kim’s birthday on the horizon, she decided it was time to once again put pen to paper.

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“So, when it was Kim’s birthday, I sat down this past year and wrote her a really beautiful letter about how I felt about her,” Kris told “Property Brothers” star Drew Scott and wife Linda. “And I think it was like 20 pages long or something like that.”

A letter of that length did not come quickly, with Jenner revealing it took “a couple hours” to compose. In fact, she added that she’s also been writing letters for her other children as well.  “Anyway, I’m almost done with the six letters,” she explained.

So enthusiastic was she about the experience, Jenner encouraged everyone listening to write letters to their loved ones.

“If I would give anybody any advice, it would be to write a letter to a child or a parent or somebody who’s really meant so much in your life, that you just need to get that said, so that they have that,” she said.