Wendy Williams did not hold back as she discussed her “split” from Mike Esterman on her show Wednesday.

The host insisted she and Esterman never actually dated, telling viewers: “The headline is that Mike and I have broken up. Well, I didn’t know that Mike and I were together.

“I didn’t say anything [publicly about it] because I’m that grown. We would’ve had this discussion way behind the scenes. I am not embarrassed because I’m that grown.

“But since childish ones — Mike — well, he’s giving quotes!”

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She explained why things didn’t work out: “Mike is in Maryland. Mike works a job, he’s a contractor/social influencer, or whatever he has going on. Whatever he does.

“Mike, he’s a nice guy, but we are too geographically far from each other.”

“Can you imagine me leaving here right now and getting in a car and travelling four hours?” she asked. “I thought that maybe something could happen because we’re grown people, you know what I’m saying?”

Esterman took a swipe at Williams’ comments when talking to Page Six, telling the publication: “Of course she has to have the last word, and because she is the kind of person that she is, she’s the only thing that will make herself look best.”

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The pair were first linked in February after he appeared on a “Date Wendy” segment on her show.

Esterman then told Page Six that they had gone their separate ways.

He shared, after Williams’ episode aired, “All that I said was I had no time to make any plans when people kept asking when we [would] see each other again.

“And they took that as a major breakup, which I didn’t even think we had that big of a relationship to begin with other than getting to know each other on a few dates.”

Esterman insisted he hadn’t seen Williams’ show on Wednesday but had heard about her remarks.

“Too busy to worry about it,” he quipped.