Tess Holliday wants to dispel misinformation on anorexia.

Holliday, 35, was under the impression that only “extremely underweight” people could struggle with anorexia, due to media portrayal of the eating disorder.

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“But that’s part of why I had no idea that I could even struggle with anorexia,” she explained to ITV’s “Good Morning Britain”. “So that’s part of why I wanted to share my story, because I know my body very well, I knew myself very well.

“So to hear that I could be living in a larger body and struggling with a disorder that’s been presented differently really threw me for a loop, and I figured other people were dealing with the same thing.”

Holliday revealed she had been “struggling with eating disorders most of my entire life.” Fortunately, she is now “healthier and happier.”

“I restricted, I wouldn’t eat, I would go sometimes an entire day without eating anything,” the plus-sized model shared.

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“The reality is, if someone that can be as knowledgeable about their body and body positivity and loving yourself, if I can be struggling with an eating disorder like anorexia, I know that there are other people that are dealing with it,” she concluded.

Holliday revealed her anorexia diagnosis earlier this month on Twitter.