Andrew Garfield has his next career idea, in case acting doesn’t work out.

The actor sat down with BuzzFeed for their fan-favourite segment, “Thirst Tweets,” which lets celebrities read flattering (and sometimes inappropriate) tweets from fans, and reflected on his time in the Oscar-nominated film, “The Social Network”, including his iconic line.

It all started when one fan tweeted, “I wish Andrew Garfield would whisper, ‘You better lawyer up, a**hole,’ in my ear.”

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The tweet refers to a line from the film, which followed the formation of Facebook and how cofounder Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) found himself in the middle of two lawsuits, including one that involved his best friend Eduardo Saverin (played by Garfield). The line was delivered while Eduardo reminded Mark he’s also a co-founder of Facebook, whispering, “You better lawyer up, a**hole. Because I’m not coming back for 30 per cent. I’m coming back for everything.”

“The cool thing about that movie, my love for Jesse Eisenberg and the relationship we created for that film meant that I wanted that line to hurt him more than if I shouted it,” Garfield said in response to the tweet. “I wanted it to be lodged in his f**king soul.”

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He added, “If I can’t make money in other ways, I will charge people for me to whisper in their ear, ‘You better lawyer up, a**hole.’ It’s kind of a good side gig.”

“The Social Network” went on to be nominated for eight Academy Awards, including nods for Best Picture and Best Actor for Eisenberg.