Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke are taking their fans back to the early 2000s with their new podcast “Welcome To The O.C.” where they’re rewatching the entire series.

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While catching up with ET Canada’s Graeme O’Neil, the dynamic duo admitted that their new project is a perfect excuse to reunite the entire cast.

“I was approached with the idea, and I instantly emailed Melinda,” Bilson said of the podcast’s creation. “We hadn’t spoken or seen each other in like five years and I was like, ‘Hey, wanna do a podcast?'”

Continued Clarke: “Honestly, I’ve always loved the subject of ‘The O.C.’. I love talking about it, I love dissecting how it came about, how much fun it was, what happened, should it have gone on, should it have ended the way it did – all of those things.”

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“We do have cast members coming on,” Bilson teased.

“Some of them we’re gonna leave as a surprise – but by the end of the 92 episodes, let’s hope that every single cast member has stopped by,” Clarke added.

When it comes to reliving the series through their podcast, the actresses admitted that there are some things that they miss most about shooting the show.

“It was just nice having a family,” Bilson, 39, gushed. “I was really lucky to love everyone I worked with. It’s such a fond memory personally and professionally.”