If you thought “The Crown” was dramatic, wait until the show’s producers put out their next project.

“High Fidelity” writer Nick Hornby has confirmed that he is currently writing a show about The Rolling Stones.

“I’m writing a 16-part drama series about The Rolling Stones from 1963 to 1974,” Hornby told the Daily Mail. “I think both with ‘The Crown’ and with this, you have to have dramatic scenes involving dialogue which you can only guess at. That’s all [‘The Crown’ creator] Peter Morgan could do.”

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He continued, “You think, well, this was happening then, and to these people, and now I’m going to put them in a room and have them talk about it. So there are parameters to what you’re imagining — it’s rooted in the reality of the situation — and with The Stones it’s the same thing.”

However, unlike “The Crown”, Hornby has help on the inside in the shape of Mick Jagger himself.

“I’ve loved the research. I talk to the lead singer of the band quite regularly and that’s been completely fascinating,” Hornby said. “Usually with these projects, if they don’t go anywhere, you’re left with no memories at all apart from a meeting in a windowless room somewhere in London or California. But this one has been a lot of things that I won’t forget.”

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The Rolling Stones have also given permission for tracks from Exile On Main Street and Sticky Fingers to be used.