Tig Notaro is among the stars of “Army of the Dead”, the new Zack Snyder-direcged zombie-heist flick set to premiere on Netflix.

Notaro, however, was a last-minute replacement, shooting her scenes after principal production had already taken place. The reason: her character was originally played by fellow comedian Chris D’Elia. When D’Elia was hit with multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, Snyder decided to cut him from the movie entirely and reshoot his scenes with Notaro in the role.

Because her reshoots took place during the pandemic, COVID-19 restrictions prevented Snyder from reassembling the cast; as a result, Notaro filmed her scenes solo, against a green screen, with Snyder digitally adding her performance into the mix.

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Speaking with Yahoo! Entertainment, Notaro was asked if losing TV and film roles “should be a natural consequence” for actors who face similar allegations.

“That’s a big question with a long answer,” she Notaro admitted. “But I think there should be consequences for bad behaviour.”

Snyder defended his decision to recast D’Elia’s role.

“It just seemed like the right thing to do,” he explained, praising the uniqueness that Notaro brought to the table.

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“We really had a blast shooting with her; she’s just hilarious,” he added “It’s just Tig! All the circumstances are the same, but Tig’s take tonally changes everything. I think that if you didn’t know [about Chris], you’d just think that Tig was in the movie.”